A hospital visit, especially for the elderly or during recovery, can be an overwhelming one. H2H Care’s service is executed by trained and qualified Care Specialists who understand every detail of the entire process.

H2H CARE’s Medical Appointment Escort Service

  • Trained & qualified Care Specialists

  • Record patient’s vital readings

  • Data updated onto H2H Care App

  • Family members able to monitor

  • Real-time monitoring patient’s status

  • Transportation arrangements, if needed

  • Comfort & safety with H2H in-transit fitting

  • Trained wheelchair transfers to vehicles, beds or dialysis chairs

  • Escort navigates through confusing hospital

  • Notes doctor’s advice and instructions

  • Collect prescriptions

  • Reports onto H2H Care App

  • Multilingual escorts (including Mandarin) help keep patients calm and engaged with warm companionship

  • Accompany patient home

Regular Medical Escort Service

  • Accompany patient hospital

  • Arrange transportation, if needed

  • Accompany patient throughout medical examination

  • Take note of medical advice

  • Collect prescriptions

  • Accompany patient home

Planned or otherwise, if a medical appointment escort is required, just pick up the phone and call us.

Call us to discuss your care needs. Our Care Advisors will have a special care plan designed just for you.

*Terms & conditions apply. Excludes transportation charges & consumables, if any.